Are you Nut Free? 

I go to great lengths to ensure that ALL of my products are NUT FREE! There are NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS in any of my products although we may use sprinkles/gingerbread house candy that was made on equipment that produces all allergens. Simply just ask for no sprinkles if you have an allergy. 

Where do you sell your cookies? 
In addition to my website sales, I am opening a brick and mortar bakeshop at 605 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck NY 10543. 
You can also find our cookies at Longford's Rye, Summit at One Vanderbilt in NYC, Shakespeare in the Park @ Central Park.
What is Your Minimum Order? 
Full Sized Cookies - One Dozen (although you may order in an increment after that)

How far in advance should I book my order? 

This is my most frequently asked question and hard to answer. Truth is, if you want cookies for your event please order as far ahead as possible, I have customers who order months ahead! I suggest at least 2-3 weeks (if I am not already booked). 

Can I order last minute cookies? 

If I have availability I will try to accommodate you but keep in mind that decorated sugar cookies take 3-4 days to make (at least). Also, there is RUSH FEE of $25 for orders placed less than 2 weeks out from the due date. NO exceptions.

Can I freeze my cookies? 

YES! All cookies come heat sealed. Place heat sealed cookies in a ziplock bag or container, take out the evening before you'd like to eat them and don't open until fully defrosted (good as new)!

Do you make Gluten-Free Cookies?

We are not a gluten free facility. We can substitute gluten free flour but it must be in quantities of one dozen.

Do I do characters or realistic image cookies? 

I really try not to, they aren't my area of strength and they are not cost effective but we can print any images!

Refunds / Cancellations

There is a deposit to hold the date. In order to receive your deposit (less transactions fees) back you must cancel 2 full weeks prior to the cookie due date. Cancellations may be made up until 1 full week prior to the due date of the cookies but you will forfeit your deposit during that time.