What's For Dinner? Cooking With & For Your Kids

Welcome to my very first blog entry for What's For Dinner? Many of you know me as a Cookier and Mom of 3! I love baking but I also love cooking. I am not a gourmet cook and although I went to culinary school, I went for baking and pastry only. Secretly, I'd like to publish a family cookbook but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I am often asked for suggestions for weeknight dinners so what better way to share my knowledge!? 

If you have kids like I do (3 to be exact ages 10, 10 & 8), every week is a different adventure where one kid likes one meal this week but not next week and it's almost impossible to get all of them to eat the same things. I may not have the perfect solution (hence the cereal placed on the lower shelf so the kids can make their own dinner if they don't eat mine) but I do have some delicious recipes and tips to help you navigate your job as a short order home cook. 

Due to the pandemic I was lucky enough to teach virtual cooking classes that were a big hit with both kids and parents! I have found that if I get my kids cooking with me (or at least able to pick out one meal every week) then they will (usually) try new things, if not learn to like them GASP! The goal of this blog is to help busy parents put together healthy weeknight dinners for your family that (at least most of them) they will enjoy. 

Every week I am going to add new tips and/or recipes to help set you up for a successful week. I also often turn one dinner into two and will teach you how to utilize leftovers to make into another meal.

I am going to be candid, there will be weeks that I don't have time to write or where I am just too darn tired, but I will do my absolute best to keep up! Please feel free to email me with suggestions or success stories to be featured in one of my blogs!

Recently my oldest daughter asked if we can implement a system where each of my 3 picks a meal every week (that way at least 1/3 kids won't protest). So, here we go...stay tuned for the very first What's For Dinner recipe tomorrow as chosen by my youngest- Meatloaf! Don't roll your eyes and trust me, my recipe is delicious and I've proudly converted quite a few kids (not only my own but also in the classes I've taught). Happy Cooking!

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